How to have a perfect, trouble-free road trip?

How to have a perfect, trouble-free road trip?

Have you ever heard of someone going on a “meh” road trip? Road trips can be wonderful experiences – if they’re done right. You can make or break a road trip by following (or forgetting) a few simple prep tips, tricks, and handy hints. Here’s some of the absolute must follow tips to have a perfect, trouble-free road trip.

Get your car serviced, cleaned, and checked

There is nothing worse on a road trip than having a breakdown. Worse still, if it was a mechanical or tyre breakdown that was preventable. Before you consider long-haul trips, you should make sure you’re up to date with logbook services. If you’re somewhere in between, consider an all-points safety check. If everything gets a green light – tyres included – then you’ve eliminated one of the pressure points for the trip. If you haven’t signed up for roadside assistance, do so before you embark on your journey.

Have a plan – just not to the last second

A road trip is fun when the journey is as enjoyable as the destination. You should plan your road trip with milestones and a definite end point, but make some time for pit stops, attractions, and other fun activities along the way. Of course, make sure you hit your mileage targets each day, and make sure you have hotels and other accommodation booked in advance. There’s nothing worse than driving past “NO VACANCY” signs in the dead of night when everyone’s cranky.

Anticipate local traffic and hazards

Thanks to the internet, we can scout ahead by looking at local traffic authority sites or even Google. Ask where the potential bottlenecks are and try to avoid them by driving an alternate route or at off peak times.

Have entertainment on board

If you have kids, you know this is going to be a no-brainer. Your phone, laptop, or tablet should have pre-loaded entertainment on board during long periods of, well, nothing. You should bring books, travel games, anything to break up the monotony of country road driving. Avail yourself of pitstops when tempers start to fray.

Make sure everyone has a job

If you don’t set boundaries on a road trip, it can cause friction. Everyone should be on the same page when they start, including a division of labour. Everyone should have a responsibility to make the road trip a success. When one or two people start clashing due to taking charge a little too often, it can cause a sour mood among travellers. Likewise, resentment builds if one person is doing all the heavy lifting while others sit around doing nothing. Make sure everyone’s job plays to their strengths, and your road trip should be a breeze!